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By TMIH Staff
December 2017

In today's economy, more and more students are returning to school to earn an online master's degree in healthcare administration. Why? First, healthcare is a booming field, accounting for a significant number of added jobs in the United States over the last year. This trend shows no sign of stabilizing, and students currently earning degrees in healthcare can expect job security for a long time to come. Second, every industry requires the leadership of competent managers, and healthcare is no exception. Hospitals, clinics, doctors' offices, outpatient centers, and other facilities all need experienced leaders at their helm. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the demand for health service managers is expected to grow by 20% between 2016 and 2026, a figure the Bureau of Labor Statistics deems "much higher than average."

Current healthcare professionals and bachelor's degree holders will be happy to hear that earning an advanced degree in this field doesn't have to break the bank. Going to school online is the perfect solution for many adults, who enjoy taking classes from a distance while keeping their full-time jobs and fulfilling familial obligations. Of course, more "traditional" students are turning to online classrooms as well, benefiting from the increased flexibility that virtual education affords.

Here at Top Master's in Healthcare we are all about making your life easy and saving you both time and money. That's where this ranking comes into play.

Ranking the 30 Best Cheap MHA Degrees Online

We've compiled a list of the 30 most affordable online MHA degree programs in healthcare administration and related fields – including hospital and facilities management, health services administration, and health information management. But don't be fooled by these schools' low prices; while cost was the primary motivator in making our selections, you may be surprised to see that the list also includes some of the best online master's degrees in healthcare administration in the country. Note that for public institutions, we assigned an approximate tuition value based on the average of their in-state and out-of-state rates. Also, keep in mind that some colleges may offer reduced rates for online learners or unique financial aid options that we were not able to fully account for in our research.

Note: Per-credit costs were taken from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (October 2017). Please note that actual costs may vary from program to program. We encourage you to contact the institution for the most current information available.

WKU's top online MHA for executives offers a convenient schedule that only requires participants to visit campus three times per year.

30. Western Kentucky University

Bowling Green, KY
Online Executive Master of Health Administration (EMHA)

For busy professionals, Western Kentucky University's Executive Master of Health Administration is one of the top accredited MHA degrees online. This is because the program caters to the unique needs of adult learners who already have significant work experience. Take the curriculum, for example. Rather than start with foundational topics, the program's core classes immediately dive into advanced subjects like "Biostatistics for Public Health," "Healthcare Jurisprudence," and "Epidemiology." There are also unique electives which cover specialized topics like informatics, healthcare systems design, and decision-making that will help you build on your professional experience. And instead of writing a final thesis, WKU lets EMHA students further refine their expertise by completing six credits in an approved concentration area.
Average Cost: $693/credit

This online master of healthcare administration degree program is part of The Sage College's IACBE-accredited School of Management.

29. The Sage Colleges

Troy, NY
Online Master of Science in Health Services Administration

At The Sage Colleges, healthcare administration education is an interdisciplinary affair. Aware of the ever-increasing importance of health managers, Sage faculty strive to prepare students for a wide array of roles within the industry. As such, core courses cover the full spectrum of healthcare management topics, from finance, marketing, and information systems to policy, strategy, and analytic methods. One of the top online master's degrees in healthcare administration for early-career professionals, this program also requires students to complete an internship in order to gain hands-on experience in the field. And as an added bonus, this MSHSA offers an optional specialization in dietetics!
Average Cost: $680/credit

9 classes are all that stand between you and an online master's degree in healthcare administration from Franklin University.

28. Franklin University

Columbus, OH
Online Healthcare Administration Master's Degree Program

Enroll in Franklin's accredited master's degree in health administration online for an executive-focused education. More than some other MHA programs, Franklin's curriculum stresses traditional business topics like finance and managerial accounting, operations and strategic management, and information governance. The 36-credit course sequence also allows you to choose electives in targeted areas such as "Health Informatics" and "Healthcare Quality Management." Among the most unique elective options are a course in the "Lean Six Sigma" skills and strategies and an "integrative field experience" that helps program members draw connections from the classroom to the real-world challenges they'll face on the job.
Average Cost: $647/credit

Industry experts regularly review Rosemont's online MHA curriculum to ensure that it stays up-to-date on current trends.

27. Rosemont College

Rosemont, PA
Online MS in Healthcare Administration

When it comes to convenience, it's hard to beat Rosemont College's MS in Healthcare Administration program. The 100% online curriculum features accelerated 7-week classes that students take one at a time, making it easy to focus on your studies without neglecting other obligations. On this timeline, you can graduate with one of the top MHA degrees online in just 18 to 24 months. Along the way, you'll take unique classes like "Psychosocial Aspects of Health," "Healthcare Models across the Globe," and "Risk Management and Patient Affairs." Finally, the 33-credit program wraps up with a final capstone/thesis course to synthesize your knowledge.
Average Cost: $645/credit

Pfeiffer has one of the few affordable online master of healthcare administration degree programs that includes an optional study abroad component.

26. Pfeiffer University

Misenheimer, NC
Online Master of Health Administration (MHA)

At Pfeiffer University, ambitious students will find plenty of ways to go above and beyond in their pursuit of one of the top master's degrees in health administration online. On top of the standard 36-credit MHA curriculum, Pfeiffer's Division of Applied Health Sciences also offers an MHA + Leadership Concentration as well as MHA/MBA and MHA/MSL (Master of Science in Leadership) joint degree programs. But that's not all. To fulfill their global learning requirement, degree candidates can choose from two "Comparative International Health" courses. One offers primarily lecture-based instruction and culminates in a comparative research paper, while the other includes a study abroad trip to learn about healthcare in a foreign country!
Average Cost: $640/credit

Before graduating from RFU's accredited online master's degree in healthcare administration program, you'll complete a final portfolio to show off all the knowledge you've gained.

25. Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

North Chicago, IL
Online Master of Science in Health Administration

One of the downsides of some master's degree in health administration online programs is that students have few opportunities to interact with classmates from other disciplines. Fortunately, Rosalind Franklin University addresses this shortcoming by offering an inter-professional curriculum in which degree candidates from medicine, pharmacy, and other healthcare areas can "learn together and from one another." As a university that focuses solely on medicine and science, RFU also stands out for the breadth and depth of its MHA coursework. In addition to all the standard subjects, MHA grad students can also take classes in niche topics like "Insurance Dimensions," "Health Literacy," and "Healthcare on the Big Screen: Issues, Images, Messages, and Portrayal."
Average Cost: $632/credit

At SNHU, dedicated career and academic advisors will help you translate your affordable online MHA degree into a well-paying, highly-rewarding job opportunity.

24. Southern New Hampshire University

Manchester, NH
Online Master's in Healthcare Administration

As one of the first universities to offer an accredited master's degree in health administration online, SNHU has long been a pioneer in healthcare education. Today, Southern New Hampshire University supports both MSHA and MS in Management: Healthcare Administration programs to cater to students with varying interests and career goals. Two of the school's most popular graduate degrees, these programs provide a practical education in such topics as biostatistics, global health, economics, health policy, marketing, communication strategies, and much more! In addition, SNHU's flexible scheduling makes it possible for you to graduate in as few as 15 months – despite taking just two courses per term.
Average Cost: $627/credit

If you have test-taking anxiety, fear not: you can apply to Regis University's cheap MHA degree online without taking the GRE or GMAT!

23. Regis University

Denver, CO
Online Master of Health Administration

Regis University's flexible, versatile health administration degree is designed to meet the needs of a diverse group of learners. For example, students with at least two years of relevant work experience can obtain a waiver that exempts them from the curriculum's field experience requirement. Potential applicants who are looking for a convenient and affordable online master's degree in healthcare administration will also be happy to hear that this program is available 100% online and takes just two years to complete. To top it all off, program members will learn the value of community engagement through coursework that reflects Regis' unique commitment to social justice.
Average Cost: $625/credit

The College of Saint Scholastica's accredited online MHA has approval from the Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM).

22. The College of Saint Scholastica

Duluth, MN
Online M.S. Health Information Management

One truly unique option on our ranking of the top online master of healthcare administration degree programs is The College of Saint Scholastica's MSHIM. By focusing specifically on health information management, CSS offers students a practical curriculum that is tailored to the industry's cutting-edge technological needs. All coursework adheres to the rigorous standards set forth by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and covers topics that range from "Healthcare Data Analytics" to "Foundations of Management and Leadership in HIM." Note that to earn your degree, you'll also have to complete a final applied project in which you think deeply and critically about how you can make a meaningful contribution to the field.
Average Cost: $620/credit

Valparaiso goes beyond other affordable MHA degrees online in its emphasis on 21st-century leadership skills.

21. Valparaiso University

Valparaiso, IN
Online Master of Science in Healthcare Administration: Strategic Leadership

If you're looking for an education that defies traditional boundaries, Valparaiso University deserves your attention. The school stands out from other cheap online master of healthcare administration degree programs by offering an MSHCA with a "Strategic Leadership" focus. Combining these two disciplines enables Valparaiso to uniquely prepare degree candidates to handle the ever-changing landscape of healthcare. In other words, you'll graduate with the skills you need to devise creative solutions to novel problems, lead diverse organizations, and drive industry change. Not enough? The curriculum also imparts knowledge in medical-legal policy that will give you a leg up in the job market.
Average Cost: $615/credit

You'll draw on your own professional experience while earning an accredited master's degree in health administration online from NLU.

20. National Louis University

Chicago, IL
Online Master's in Health Services Administration (MHA) Degree

If you learn best using real-world, relatable examples, you'll appreciate the top online MHA at National Louis, which relies heavily on case studies drawn from students' own work experience. Available as both a blended program (at the Illinois campus) and a fully online program, the degree typically takes 20 months to complete and requires you to attend just one virtual session per week. The program's cohort model means you'll progress through the curriculum with the same group of classmates, giving you the opportunity to network and understand more deeply how other organizations function. And if you have extra time, work-study and graduate assistant opportunities can defray the costs of your degree.
Average Cost: $609/credit

Depending on your undergraduate GPA, Youngstown's accredited online master's degree in healthcare administration could come with a sizable scholarship.

19. Youngstown State University

Youngstown, OH
Online Master of Health and Human Services

At Youngstown State University, applicants with undergraduate GPAs of 3.50 or above are eligible for special funding. Available for either $500 or $1,000, the Graduate Scholarship applies to each semester and reduces the cost of the school's already affordable online master of healthcare administration degree program. You'll just need to maintain that 3.50 GPA and complete at least six credit hours each semester. Scholarships aside, Youngstown State has a few other perks, including the chance to focus your studies on one of three tracks: Health Informatics, Health Promotion, or Administration for Health and Human Service Professions. You can further customize your experience by selecting a thesis or non-thesis option (the latter requires an on-site practicum instead).
Average Cost: $607/credit

Students pursuing a cheap MHA degree online through UNT can select one of four targeted concentrations.

18. University of North Texas

Denton, TX
Online Master of Science in Health Services Administration

UNT consistently receives accolades for its affordable programs, and its top online master's degree in healthcare administration is no exception. The MHA is also convenient: You can complete it on your own time, taking breaks as needed, or finish in as few as 16 months. You can even opt to enroll in two courses simultaneously, if your schedule allows. UNT also shines for its four niche concentrations: Applied Gerontology, Health Data Analytics, Long-Term Care, and Rehabilitation Sciences. If you have specific career goals, these concentrations could help your résumé stand out.
Average Cost: $603/credit

The cheap online MHA at Friends University lets you head overseas to study another country's healthcare system.

17. Friends University

Wichita, KS
Online Master of Health Care Leadership (MHCL)

The leadership-centric MHA at Friends University is a great option for anyone interested in taking on an executive and management role, but it's especially relevant for students who'd like to explore healthcare from a global perspective. This is because the program allows degree candidates to participate in an international internship while earning their affordable master's degree in health administration online. This study abroad course – which is one of three capstone options – will introduce you to socialized healthcare systems and provide an opportunity for you to compare them to the American model. If you'd prefer to stay closer to home, a local internship or synthesis course can also fulfill your capstone requirement.
Average Cost: $603/credit

The affordable online master of healthcare administration degree program at A. T. Still incorporates multiple course delivery methods.

16. A T Still University of Health Sciences

Kirksville, MO
Online Master of Health Administration Degree

Given that A. T. Still is an entirely healthcare-focused institution that's been in operation for more than 100 years, it should come as no surprise that it offers one of the top MHA degrees online. This interdisciplinary degree program employs professors from both healthcare and management backgrounds, so you'll get plenty of relevant, real-world information as you learn how to be a strong leader in the field. Along the way, you'll complete 100% online classes that feature a blend of lectures, readings, and live chat room discussions. An online career services center is also on hand to help you find employment opportunities after graduation.
Average Cost: $578/credit

Students of faith will appreciate the Christ-centric cheap online MHA at Belhaven.

15. Belhaven University

Jackson, MS
Online Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)

Unlike most schools, Belhaven partitions coursework into accelerated eight-week terms. In doing so, the school enables students to fully immerse themselves in a single subject and gain deep comprehension in a relatively short amount of time. Indeed, online classes make full use of each two-month term and regularly incorporate both individual and team-based work. But that's not the only way Belhaven's accredited online master's degree in healthcare administration differentiates itself from the competition. The school, which operates under a service-oriented mission statement driven by biblical values, offers one of the best programs for Christian students.
Average Cost: $560/credit

You can enroll in an interest-free payment plan to spread out the cost of UMUC's affordable online master of healthcare administration degree program.

14. University of Maryland-University College

Adelphi, MD
Online Health Care Administration Master's Degree

UMUC wants to make a graduate-level education both affordable and attainable. As such, it offers several different ways for you to finance its top online MHA. For example, the school offers both merit- and need-based scholarships, and it even has an interest-free payment plan available. With the latter option, you pay a small one-time fee and then get to spread your tuition payments out over a few months, rather than paying the entire bill at once. Regardless of how you finance your MHA, you'll benefit from the program's leadership-focused curriculum and many opportunities to network with employers in the field.
Average Cost: $559/credit

Clarkson College's affordable online master's degree in healthcare administration boasts an impressive post-graduation job placement rate.

13. Clarkson College

Omaha, NE
Online Master in Health Care Administration

Earning an accredited master's degree in health administration online through Clarkson requires just four to seven semesters of work. This flexible, accelerated program has three start dates each year, so you can choose a time that fits with your schedule. You won't sacrifice quality in the name of convenience, however: Graduates of Clarkson's MHA degree report job placement rates of more than 90%. That's thanks in part to the focus on a few key areas, including communication, critical thinking, and professionalism – in other words, all the skills that employers value most!
Average Cost: $556/credit

You'll have plenty of opportunities for experiential learning as you pursue your affordable MHA degree online at Moorhead.

12. Minnesota State University Moorhead

Moorhead, MN
Online Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)

The cheap online master of healthcare administration degree program at Moorhead focuses on putting theory into practice. By introducing students to problems and issues taken from the real world of healthcare administration, the program grounds you in experiences that are relevant to your future career. To this end, the degree culminates in a two-part capstone experience. First, you'll complete an 80-hour internship, working alongside healthcare leaders in your community. Next, you'll work on a research project, where you'll take a concept from the curriculum and apply it to a specific need you've identified in the healthcare community.
Average Cost: $540/credit

Earning a cheap master's degree in health administration online from Park gives you the chance to choose one of nine unique concentrations.

11. Park University

Parkville, MO
Online Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)

You have two options when it comes to earning a top MHA degree online through Park University. The first is a fully online program, which requires no on-campus time at all. But if you live near the school's campus in Kansas City, Missouri, you might also opt to enroll in a few blended courses, which focus heavily on collaborative, team-based activities. No matter which you choose, you can further refine your studies by choosing one of nine MHA concentrations. Options such as Human Resource Management, Homeland Security, and Quality Management are among the more unique specializations available and can help your résumé stand out from the competition.
Average Cost: $535/credit

While pursuing a cheap master's degree in health administration online from USI, you'll need to attend three on-campus intensives.

10. University of Southern Indiana

Evansville, IN
Online Master of Health Administration Program

If you're looking for an accredited online master of healthcare administration degree program that incorporates in-person work, USI's MHA may appeal. While the majority of courses are available entirely online, you'll also need to attend a total of three in-person intensives at the school's Evansville campus. The intensives last for two to three days and feature guest speakers, class sessions, interactive leadership training, and more. And if you'd like to venture even further afield, you might appreciate USI's partnership with a university in Osnabrück, Germany. Through this international collaboration, you can study alongside German students and get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compare health administration practices in both countries.
Average Cost: $525/credit

The affordable online master of healthcare administration degree program at OSU includes a track for aspiring executive leaders.

9. Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences

Tulsa, OK
Online M.S. in Health Care Administration

OSU offers one of the top online MHA programs in the country – and it has the rankings to prove it. The degree earns spots on many "best-of" lists, both because of its affordability and its overall quality. Once enrolled, you can choose between two tracks: Administration or Leadership and Entrepreneurship (choose the latter if you aspire to a C-suite position). Both tracks require three to four classes to complete, but you can also add in quite a few other electives to further refine your studies. Lastly, you'll need to decide whether you want to cap off your degree with a thesis paper or directed reading course.
Average Cost: $518/credit

Pair CSU-Global's cheap online master's degree in healthcare administration with a specialization to give your résumé a boost.

8. Colorado State University-Global Campus

Greenwood Village, CO
Online Master's Degree In Healthcare Administration

The standalone MHA at Colorado State University-Global Campus provides an extremely comprehensive course of study, with an emphasis on complex problem solving, operations analysis, and more. But you can optimize the degree even further by pairing it with one of more than 10 specializations. Options such as Business Intelligence, Human Resource Management, and International Management all provide skills that'll help you stand out from the competition. Plus, while earning your accredited MHA degree online you can also pick up two additional "awards of completion" – one in administration and management and one in applied strategic leadership.
Average Cost: $500/credit

Even students without a bachelor's degree can take advantage of ADU's cheap online MHA.

7. Adventist University of Health Sciences

Orlando, FL
Online Master's in Healthcare Administration in Strategy and Innovation (MHA-SI)

If you haven't yet earned a bachelor's degree but have an associate's under your belt, ADU's top online master's degree in healthcare administration could be a perfect fit. This program is one of the few wholly online MHA degrees that offers a direct path from an associate's degree – and it takes just three years to complete! ADU also offers a more traditional MHA for students who've gone the more traditional route (that is, have a bachelor's). This two-year program was carefully designed by industry experts to incorporate coursework in strategic thinking, healthcare innovation, and other contemporary topics.
Average Cost: $500/credit

Students who want to pursue healthcare administration in rural settings should consider earning their accredited MHA degree online from MSU.

6. Montana State University-Billings

Billings, MT
Online Master of Health Administration

Providing healthcare in a rural environment comes with a unique set of challenges, and MSU – Billings offers an MHA tailored towards addressing those obstacles. As you pursue an accredited master's degree in health administration online at this school, you'll take courses specific to so-called "rural-frontier" healthcare, giving you a leg up on the competition if you intend to work in this field. Note that the degree does require you to spend two days on campus each semester, and if you don't have much professional experience, you'll also need to complete an internship.
Average Cost: $471/credit

Give Saint Joseph's top online master's degree in healthcare administration a look if you want to work in a Catholic health system or a long-term care facility.

5. Saint Joseph's College of Maine

Standish, ME
Online Master of Health Administration (MHA) Program

Although the affordable online MHA at Saint Joseph's has plenty to recommend it – including a comprehensive curriculum and multiple start dates each year – it really shines when it comes to its accreditation: It's the only online program accredited by the National Association of Boards of Examiners of Long-Term Care Administrators. If your career goals include working in a long-term care facility, this accreditation could go a long way toward landing you your dream job. Saint Joseph's is also a great choice if you intend to work in a Catholic health system, as the school offers a unique concentration in Catholic Health Leadership.
Average Cost: $470/credit

Saint Mary's makes it easy for you to access materials on the go as you pursue the school's cheap master's degree in health administration online.

4. Saint Mary's University of Minnesota

Winona, MN
Online M.A. in Health and Human Services Administration

Saint Mary's wants to ensure that students enrolled in its MHA program can access course materials easily. As such, every student receives an iPad that comes pre-loaded with software for the school's mobile learning platform. The asynchronous courses that comprise this top online master of healthcare administration degree program will introduce you to key managerial and leadership concepts, preparing you for work in a variety of settings. And if you're a Minnesota resident, you can sit for the state's Nursing Home Administrators licensing exam (residents of other states will need to double-check their licensing requirements).
Average Cost: $450/credit

As you earn a cheap MHA degree online at National University, you'll participate in hands-on learning activities.

3. National University

La Jolla, CA
Online Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA)

Students who learn best by doing will want to give National University a look. The school's accredited online master's degree in healthcare administration includes a few experiential learning requirements, including projects that focus on teamwork and leadership. The degree also includes a 120-hour required internship, where you'll work on an applied project with guidance from a healthcare manager, then write up a report summarizing how it went. Finally, you'll wrap up your MHA program with a capstone project that focuses on either a research-driven study or a "creative activity" (such as a book or website).
Average Cost: $416/credit

The top online MHA at Cal State is one of the cheapest in the country.

2. California State University-East Bay

Hayward, CA
Online MS in Health Care Administration

Cal State East Bay offers one of the most affordable master's degrees in health administration online, with an average cost per credit of just under $250. But if you want to make your degree even more affordable, you can take advantage of the school's generous scholarships. With dozens of "Pioneer Scholarships" available, you should be able to find at least a few for which you qualify. And Cal State's easy-to-navigate scholarship portal can also connect you with external funding sources. Regardless of how you fund your studies, you'll graduate with a top-notch MHA degree that prepares you for work in myriad healthcare environments.
Average Cost: $248/credit

Midwestern State's cheap online master of healthcare administration degree program comes with four targeted concentrations.

1. Midwestern State University

Wichita Falls, TX
Online Master of Health Administration (MHA)

Not only is Midwestern State University's online MHA the most affordable in the country, but it's also a fantastically flexible program that should help you meet nearly any career goal. After enrolling, you'll select a concentration from four targeted options: Health Information Management, Medical Practice Management, Public and Community Sector Health Care Management, and Rural and Urban Hospital Management. You'll then work with a staff member to custom-design a course of study based on your concentration and career goals. One last perk: whether you want to earn your accredited MHA degree online full- or part-time, this flexible program can accommodate your schedule.
Average Cost: $247/credit

We've provided plenty of information about the top cheap online MHA degrees, but it's up to you to pick your favorite!

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