Top 15 Best Master’s in Healthcare Administration Online Programs (MHA) 2018

Healthcare workers with graduate degrees in healthcare administration form the backbone of the healthcare industry, providing essential guidance, organizational insights, and competency-based knowledge to keep the system running. Designed for healthcare professionals that want to advance in the field, a master's in healthcare administration gives clinical and non-clinical healthcare workers the chance to expand their business, managerial, and leadership acumen. The best MHA programs provide knowledge, practical skills, and career-based training to learners through online coursework and experiential learning, building critical-thinking and analytical skills along the way. Many MHA programs give students the opportunity to specialize in an aspect of healthcare, such as acute care, geriatric services, or public health, building competencies in niche areas of the field. Whether students want to work in public, non-profit, or government healthcare, they emerge from MHA programs with expertise in policy, law, resources, and technology applicable to the healthcare industry.

Ranking the Top 15 Best Online Master's in Healthcare Administration Programs 2017

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We used a stringent set of requirements to find the absolute best master's degrees in health administration online. Using data from College Navigator, we searched not just for colleges that have online MHA programs, but specifically ones that are actively conferring degrees. Therefore, we only considered schools that graduated at least five students from their online program in the 2014-15 school year. We also only considered degrees with comprehensive MHA curricula; related (but less focused) programs – such as MBAs with a concentration in Healthcare and MS degrees in Health Services, Healthcare Leadership, etc. – were not eligible for consideration.

Although we did not rank schools directly on their affordability, we did set a maximum limit on cost. Again using data from College Navigator, we calculated the approximate tuition for graduate students at each school (averaging in-state and out-of-state rates when necessary) and eliminated any programs with average tuition expenses over $20,000 per year.

We compared the remaining programs in four categories: Accreditation, Delivery Methods, Concentrations, and (to a lesser extent) Popularity. Colleges earned points for:

  • Having a program-specific accreditation, preferably from the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME) although we also awarded credit for accreditation from business/management-related agencies
  • Offering their program 100% online (no face-to-face residencies or campus visits required)
  • Providing customization options through concentrations or specializing their program in some way (ex. by adding an emphasis on health policy)
  • Maintaining more active/popular programs, as determined by the number of online MHA graduate degrees they conferred in the most recent school year

USF posts projected courses for the MHA online three years in advance so you have plenty of time to plan your schedule.

15. University of St Francis

Concentrations: None Delivery: 100% Online Accreditation: Regional

The University of St. Francis offers an online master of healthcare administration degree that includes 36 credit hours of classes completable within one year. As a Catholic, Franciscan institution, the University of St. Francis promotes principle=based healthcare delivery and adaptability. Students can enroll in one of the nation's best online MHA programs at one of St. Francis's six start dates each year. Core coursework includes study of population health management, healthcare leadership, and healthcare finance with a foundational class in Franciscan values and ethics in business to guide students through the program. Each student in St. Francis's MHA program has an success coach, an individual that provides support and offers resources to online learners.

Tuition: $739.00 per credit hour

For more info: University of St. Francis

Ohio University's online master's in healthcare administration consists of 12 courses, each seven weeks in length.

14. Ohio University

Concentrations: None Delivery: 100% Online Accreditation: Regional

Ohio University's online master of health administration program enhances the leadership skills of healthcare professionals that want to advance to managerial positions in the field. Students learn to apply principles, standards, and theory of healthcare management to real-world experiences in a future-looking program designed to build healthcare administration expertise. OU's online MHA includes coursework in the intricacies of healthcare delivery, information management, finance and economics of healthcare, and research methods for health services across a 36-hour curriculum. Applicants must hold an bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with a GPA of 3.0 or above and should submit professional references that can attest to their experiences and abilities in the healthcare field.

Tuition: $654.00 per credit (resident)/$673.00 per credit (non resident)

For more info: Ohio University

Applicants must have two years of experience in professional healthcare to be eligible for this MHA online degree.

13. California State University-East Bay

Concentrations: None Delivery: 100% Online Accreditation: Regional

California State University-East Bay provides working professionals with analytical skills and fundamental knowledge to advance to leadership positions within healthcare organizations and institutions. The online MHA program includes 34-credit hours of coursework, including core classes in healthcare management, finance, informatics, and regulations. Students also complete coursework in healthcare grant writing and program development prior to completing a six-hour Capstone project. Each course meets for 15 weeks through fifteen instructional modules. CSU-East Bay's online MHA prepares students to work in public, nonprofit, and volunteer healthcare settings, giving them the tools needed to innovate, create, and communicate effectively in the field.

Tuition: $339.00 per credit

For more info: California State University- East Bay

CMU has made it clear that it intends to pursue CAHME accreditation for its online MHA as soon as possible.

12. Central Michigan University

Concentrations: None Delivery: 100% Online Accreditation: Regional

Central Michigan University Global Campus offers a master of health administration degree online for established healthcare professionals or individuals interested in entering the field. The 51-credit hour program builds competencies in healthcare accounting, finance, strategic planning, population health, and quantitative methods to train future healthcare managers and leaders. Students participate in cohort coursework, heightening the interactive, learning experience while building teamwork and collaborative skills. Applicants must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or above for full admission and should provide a resume, letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and official application for consideration. CMU is accredited through the Higher Learning Commission.

Tuition: $548.00 per credit

For more information: Central Michigan University

RWC's MHA online degree program is open to both clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals.

11. Roberts Wesleyan College

Concentrations: None Delivery: 100% Online Accreditation: IACBE

Designed as an 18-month program, Roberts Wesleyan College's master's in science in health administration allows clinical and non-clinical healthcare professionals to pursue management and leadership positions within the healthcare industry. Robert Wesleyan's 43-credit hour degree includes foundational classes in organizational leadership, healthcare informatics, research methods, and financial management. Advanced classes in health insurance; health outcomes, performance, and the Six Stigma; and health ethics, policy, and law provide learners with expertise in aspects of the healthcare industry applicable to real-world experiences. Students in the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education-approved, cohort-structured, exam-free program may receive tuition support through one of Robert Wesleyan's partnership programs.

Tuition: $749.00 per credit

For more info: Roberts Wesleyan College

Instead of on-campus sessions, students in Utica's online MHA attend synchronous residencies in a virtual classroom setting.

10. Utica College

Concentrations: Acute Care, Service Organizations, Long-Term Care Delivery: 100% Online Accreditation: Regional

Utica College's master's degree in health care administration incorporates high-level experiential learning into a curriculum designed to train managers and leaders in the field. Through 36 credit hours, students learn advanced competencies in health care planning, delivery, and management while studying finance, accounting, policy, and regulations as they relate to health care administration. Students complete electives, many of which focus on leadership, and can specialize their degree, emphasizing acute care, service organizations, or long term care. All students complete a Capstone course, completing a final project demonstrating learning outcomes. Utica's online MHA is synchronous and residencies bring together cohorts of students for collaborative learning opportunities.

Tuition: $511.00 per credit

For more information: Utica College

SJU's online MHA degrees consist of 36-42 credits and take 2-3 years to complete, depending on which version you choose.

9. Saint Joseph's University

Concentrations: General, Informatics Delivery: 100% Online Accreditation: Regional

St. Joseph's University's online master's in health administration degree (HAD) builds professional management and technology skills to provide healthcare professionals with the competencies needed for career advancement. Students study healthcare industry standards, laws, and practices to develop expertise in human health and healthcare delivers. A degree specialization in informatics offers expertise in medical record and healthcare information management while a concentration in organizational development and leadership emphasizes group dynamics, team building, and change within healthcare organizations. St. Joseph's general degree requires 36 hours of coursework; concentrated programs include 42 credit hours of coursework. St. Joseph's University is regionally accredited through the Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Tuition: $853.00 per credit

For more information: Saint Joseph's University

In addition to affordable MHA online classes, Pfeiffer offers classes at its satellite campuses in Charlotte and Raleigh-Durham, NC.

8. Pfeiffer University

Concentrations: General, Leadership Delivery: 100% Online Accreditation: Regional

Pfeiffer University, based in Misenheimer, NC, offers a master of health administration degree designed to combine healthcare and business coursework to train future healthcare managers and leaders. Students complete 36 credit hours of core classes on organizational communication, health services information management, and legal and ethical aspects of healthcare administration and advanced coursework in comparative international health. Degree completion includes a practicum or research project and a strategic management class. Students can also participate in a foreign study experience between semesters. Pfeiffer's program is also offered jointly with an MBA and a master of science in leadership degree.

Tuition: $640.00 per credit

For more info: Pfeiffer University

At $500/credit and absolutely NO student fees, CSU Global offers straightforward and affordable pricing.

7. Colorado State University-Global Campus

Concentrations: Several (Learn More) Delivery: 100% Online Accreditation: Regional

Earning a master's degree in healthcare administration from Colorado State University Global Campus (CSU-Global) enhances career opportunities for healthcare professionals that want to move into managerial and administrative roles. CSU-Global's MHA program includes coursework on the U.S. healthcare system, healthcare policies and laws, and population health while simultaneously training students to apply accounting, finance, and economic principles to the healthcare field. Through the 36-credit hour curriculum, students learn knowledge and skills demonstrated strategy and execution-based Capstone course. An optional internship gives learners the opportunity to gain additional, practical experience working within the field. CUS-Global is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Tuition: $500.00 per credit

For more information: Colorado State University Global Campus

This 37-credit MHA degree online features a challenging curriculum – including a rigorous two-part Capstone project.

6. Minnesota State University-Moorhead

Concentrations: None Delivery: 100% Online Accreditation: CAHME (Pending)

As the sole and best MHA online degree in the Minnesota State University system, the online MHA offered through MSU-Moorhead's campus includes 43 credit hours of coursework for early- and mid-level healthcare professionals that want advance to management positions. Students study healthcare classes including healthcare program planning, healthcare regulations, and healthcare delivery while learning accounting, economics, and finance fundamentals applicable to administration and leadership roles in the field. MSU-Moorhead's MHA also includes a two-course Capstone experience to provide practical experience through the application of a healthcare plan within a local community. MSU-Moorhead's MHU holds candidacy status with the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education.

Tuition: $375.00 per credit (resident)/$750.00 per credit (non-resident)

For more information: University of Minnesota- Moorhead

Students in VCU's MHA online degree program can earn the required 41 credits on a part-time or full-time schedule.

5. Virginia Commonwealth University

Concentrations: None Delivery: Online + On Campus Residencies Accreditation: CAHME (Residential Only)

Virginia Commonwealth University's online master of science in health administration prepares practicing healthcare professionals to that want to teach, train, plan, and evaluate healthcare healthcare policies and medical care system. Students learn health services research methods, healthcare management essentials, and community-based techniques for healthcare delivery. VCU's MSHA degree includes 41 credit hours of asynchronous coursework for students with more than five years of professional healthcare experience. Applicants also attend week-long residencies throughout the program. To apply, students must provide a resume, GRE scores, three letters of recommendation, and participate in a formal interview for admission.

Tuition: $453.88 per credit (full-time resident)/$933.17 per credit (full-time non-resident)

For more information: Virginia Commonwealth University

This online MHA consists of 49 credits, which most students can complete in about 28 months.

4. Pennsylvania State University-World Campus

Concentrations: Health Policy and Administration Delivery: Online + On Campus Residencies Accreditation: CAHME (Residential Only)

Pennsylvania State University World Campus offers an online master's degree in health policy and administration in cooperation with Penn State's Department of Health Policy in the College of Health and Human Development. The online MHA includes 49 credit hours of coursework on healthcare finance, information technology in healthcare, and managing healthcare organizations, all designed to provide established healthcare professionals with advanced training to excel as managers and leaders in the field. Penn State World Campus's online MHA also includes a Capstone course for students to demonstrate competencies through healthcare plan development. Students participate in two face-to-face management intensives during on-campus residencies. The MHA at Penn State World Campus is accredited through the Commission on Accreditation of Health Management Education.

Tuition: $930 per credit

For more information: Pennsylvania State University World Campus

Once enrolled in this affordable online MHA, you'll join a small cohort of no more than 30 students with whom to take classes.

3. University of Central Florida

Concentrations: None Delivery: 100% Online Accreditation: CAHME

The University of Central Florida's Executive Master of Healthcare Administration (EMHA) online degree provides established healthcare professionals with the expertise needed to advance their careers. UCF's cohort-based EMHA includes 44 credit hours of coursework, including a Capstone course, and comprehensive exams to assess student learning. Students learn healthcare informatives, financial accounting for healthcare, research methods, and management in healthcare to develop leadership skills applicable to the field. Applicants must supply evidence of professional experience and letters of recommendation for admission. UCF's EMHA program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Health Management Education.

Tuition: $772.69 per credit

For more information: University of Central Florida

UNC students in the online master's in healthcare administration program spend a total of 14 (8 week + 6 weekend) days on campus.

2. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Concentrations: Health Policy and Management Delivery: Online + On Campus Residencies Accreditation: CAHME

Offered through the Gillings School of Public Health, the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill (UNC) offers an online executive Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) to students that want to pursue leadership positions within healthcare organizations and public health institutions. As one of the best online MLA degrees in the state, UNC executive program builds problem-solving and critical-thinking skills through coursework on 25 competencies contained within the Health Policy and Management Competency Model. Students learn about policy-development, organizational behavior, and healthcare delivery while participating in three residencies through the cohort-based program. The MHA is accredited by Commission on Healthcare Management Education.

Tuition: $778.28 per credit (resident)/$1,692.39 per credit (non-resident)

For more information: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Students who begin their MHA degree online at the University of Scranton can take up to six years to earn their degree.

1. University of Scranton

Concentrations: None Delivery: 100% Online Accreditation: CAHME

The University of Scranton provides learners with an online master of health administration (MHA) program that incorporates core competencies for local, regional, and international health administration professionals. The MHA includes coursework on healthcare administration fundamentals, offers early and mid-level healthcare workers access to research principles and opens up service and volunteer opportunities. This program is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education and hold membership Association of University Programs in Health Administration. The program uses the Healthcare Leadership Alliance Competency Model, emphasizing leadership, communication business skills, and professionalism in the healthcare industry.

Tuition: $940.00 per credit

For more information: The University of Scranton


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