How to Eat For Good Health on Less

Americans are spending less than ever on their food, and eating out more. We spend half of what the rest of the developed world spends eating in. Cheap, processed, mass-produced restaurant food is taking its toll on our health.

You can save a lot, including your health by making healthier food choices.

Prepackaged almonds, 12 pack: $17.54
Non-prepackaged bulk almonds: $7.09

Vega Bars: $2.99
Homemade nutrition bars: $.99

Boxed, pre-flavored, quick rice: $6.24
Brown rice, bulk: $1.84

Two meals at McDonalds: $10.00+
Wild salmon (bulk): $10.00

Tips for saving on quality food:

  1. Buy minimally processed plant foods
  2. Buy produce that's close to expiration date (image of a freezer might be good)
  3. Check for slightly damaged goods(a bruise on a fruit won't hurt you)
  4. Buy in bulk
  5. Shop at farmer's markets

Americans are spending less and less of their disposable income on food.
But a greater percentage of what they do eat is on fast food…

Eating at home spending has declined by 2/3rds in the last 50 years.

Eating-out spending has remained the same.
— Leaving us spending much less than the rest of the developed world:
[% of disposable income spent on food by country]
America: 10%
Japan: 13%
France: 14%
China: 28%
India: 39%

Food hasn't gotten cheaper. We just buy really bad food!

1992: Rutgers professor Benjamin Barber coined the term "McWorld," when there were 12,700 McDonald's worldwide.
2011: 33,000 McDonald's worldwide.
1 in 8 American workers have worked for McDonald's at some point in their lives.

While we aren't spending as much, we're definitely getting our fill.
As obesity rates have skyrocketed. [6]
Because The richest country on Earth buys REALLYbad, cheap food.

— And while we save some on each hamburger, we're shelling out in other areas to compensate.
When we don't have to.

Costing $1,152 extra per year for obese men[7]
and $3,613 extra per year for obese women
In medical spending alone.

Looks like we aren't saving money on food after all.
Shop Cheap, and Healthy




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