5 Utterly Disgusting Medical Jobs

Dirty health jobs

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5 Utterly Disgusting Medical Jobs

It takes a stomach of steel to be a…

1. Medical Waste Biohazard Cooker
● Speciality: Disposing of medical waste
○ Biohazard Cookers steam bags of medical waste, producing a malodorous aroma
■ The cooking process is steaming bags of bio waste at 260°F for 30 minutes
○ Biohazard bags may contain needles, urine, blood, teeth, semen and other bodily fluids
○ Cookers wear protective gear, but can become contaminated if the gear is punctured
○ The scent of “cooking” is described as a combination of burning rubber, BO and smelly feet
● Average Salary: $16.28/hour

2. Urologist
● Specialty: Urinary tract and male reproductive organs
○ Urologists must be educated in internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, male infertility and erectile dysfunction, and other specialties
○ They categorized as surgical sub-specialists
○ Urologists treat a variety of things including:
■ STDs
■ Chronic prostatitis (treatment involves prostate gland massage)
■ Male infertility
■ Kidney stones
■ Hematuria (blood in the urine)
■ Incontinence
● Average Salary: about $461,000

3. Proctologist
● Specialty: the rectum
○ Proctologists examine the anus both visually and manually
○ Often referred to as a colorectal surgeon
○ General practitioners will refer patients to a proctologists when they require surgery for issues related to the colon and rectum
○ They treat constipation, incontinence, fistulas, hemorrhoids, rectal prolapse (the rectum has turned inside out)
● Average Salary: about $407,273

4. Forensic Pathologist
● Specialty: Diagnosing the deceased
○ Forensic pathologists examine those who have had a violent or sudden, unexpected death
○ They determine when, how and why a person has died
○ They may need to be educated not only in medicine, but in
■ Trace evidence
■ DNA technology
■ Firearms
■ Toxicology
■ Blood analysis
○ FPs spend large amounts of time examining tissue samples and performing autopsies
○ Constant exposure to death and violence may have a negative effect on a FPs emotional wellbeing
● Salary: Up to $500,000

5. CTS Decon (Crime and Trauma Scene Decontamination)
● Specialty: Cleaning up after a crime scene
○ This may include the aftermath of murder, suicide, rape, etc.
○ Clean up may include coming in contact with
■ Blood
■ Urine
■ Feces
■ Other body fluids
■ Decomposing bodies
■ Brain matter and more
○ CTS Decon also involves cleanup of chemical contamination
■ Meth labs
■ Anthrax affected sites
○ CTS Decon technicians generally have previous experience in unsavory jobs
■ Often ER nurses or EMTs
● Salary: $40K – $50K

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