Is a Thesis Required to Complete a Master’s in Healthcare Administration?

As you start to compare Master's in Healthcare Administration MHA programs, you may be interested in learning whether or not there is a thesis requirement to graduate. Theses are written projects that require a significant amount of research. It might be intimidating, but many times these projects help you relate real-world issues in the health administration environment to the subject matter that you have studied. Read on to learn about theses projects and what alternatives might exist for those who would like to avoid them.

What Are Theses Papers and Why Are They Required in MHA Programs?

Theses are lengthy research papers that range between 10 and 20 pages in length and that are required by many graduate programs. Unlike a dissertation, which is a doctoral requirement, you do not actually have to conduct the research studies that you are writing about. Instead, you will review research conducted by experts in health administration and then use that research, along with your opinions and analysis, to write your own paper.

The purpose of your paper is to show that you can apply the content that you have learned in the field to the topic that you have selected. The topic should relate to more than just one chapter or theory that you have learned throughout 2 years of studies. Instead, it should incorporate several different pieces of content and integrate them in a manner that makes sense. Department heads can assess a professor's teaching ability and a professor can assess a student's ability to apply information when there is a research requirement.

Options For a Subject Area in an MHA Program

It is very important that you plan for your research paper well in advance when a thesis is required. You may not know exactly what you will learn throughout school, but you can create a list of specific issues that interest you and that will be discussed in core courses. Doing this early on will help you come up with a theory that you can either prove or disprove when you begin writing. Some topics to consider include the Affordable Care Act, Diversity in Healthcare, Efficiency of HIPAA and more.

What Are Some of the Alternatives to Writing a Research Paper?

You need to be a skilled academic writer to earn a graduate degree, but some still prefer other non-thesis requirements when earning a Master's degree. Some MHA programs offer alternative, non-thesis requirements to demonstrate your mastery of the subject. One option is a comprehensive examination that covers all of the content you have learned. Another option may be an internship with a required paper summarizing the experience or supervisor evaluation of your performance.

If you are prepared and committed to your studies, writing a literary research paper on healthcare administration does not have to be a nightmare. Be sure to keep notes as you cover subject areas, write a layout and structure, brush up on your writing skills, and allow plenty of time to write your thesis for your Master's in Healthcare Administration when it is a requirement.

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