Is an Internship Required to Complete a Healthcare Administration Degree?

internIf you are studying to earn a degree in Healthcare Administration, it can be helpful to research whether or not there is an internship requirement before you enroll in a specific program. Healthcare administrators are high in-demand, and this rising need has led to a demand for more healthcare management programs that deliver quality curriculum. Since healthcare can be such a complex sector with a variety of different types of environments, completing a formal training is a must.


All of the programs will require that you complete introductory coursework and some more in-depth subject areas based on your specialty. In addition to completing coursework, you may have some other program areas that require you to get hands-on experience. Read on, and learn more about whether or not an internship is a common Health Administration degree requirement so that you can choose a program that will prepare you best for the field.

Why is an Interning Project So Critical in Health Administration?

One of the key steps to landing a position as a healthcare administrator is getting a degree. While a degree is important, most employers in the sector would prefer to hire a professional in healthcare management that has a certain level of experience. You can get a lot of knowledge and skills while you are in school, but you can never really predict how well you will do in a professional setting until you are thrown in that setting and put to work.

When you are applying for health administrator positions, you will be competing with administrators who have years of experience, other graduates, and professionals who have previous clinical experience. Having a degree can help, but that does not place you high on the priority list unless you have practical experience. If you survive graduate school and then you complete an intensive interning project, you can get the experience that will satisfy the qualifications on the job listing. All students who complete interning projects in the field believe they learned industry knowledge that they could not learn in a classroom setting.

Which Programs Require You to Complete an Interning Assignment?

It is important that you know that not all health management degree programs have internship requirements. Having this requirement should actually be seen as a positive thing rather than a negative thing. If you want to take a degree program that is widely recognized in the field, you should go with a program certified by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA). The AUPHA requires that all certified programs require their students to intern in relevant roles.

Just because a school is not AUPHA-certified does not mean that there is not an intern requirement. You will need to go down the list of schools to see what the degree program entails and also how you will be matched to the assignments. Even if there is not a requirement, you should always consider looking for opportunities when you are on break or when you are approaching your graduation.

There is nothing better than to get an advanced degree and also getting professional experience all at once. If you prove yourself in the opportunity, there is a good chance that you can land a permanent and well-paying job. Find out about available internship roles, and match yourself to one that will prepare you for the role you want to play in healthcare administration.

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