What Jobs are Available in Animal and Nutritional Science?

Animal ScienceThough not all colleges offer degrees in animal science and similar fields, students studying those topics still want to know more about the types of jobs available in animal and nutritional science. While some jobs require that students have a graduate degree or a Ph.D, there are a number of jobs open to recent graduates. Working as a veterinarian typically requires some type of medical degree, but there are other jobs you can apply for right out of college.

Animal Nutritionist

Animal nutritionist is one of the jobs available in animal and nutritional science open to those with an undergraduate degree. Human nutritionists help clients understand how the foods they eat can give them energy or make them feel more lethargic and tired throughout the day. Those working with animals do many of the same things. They look at the impact that diet has on different types of animals and help zoos and other organizations and facilities find the right foods to feed their animals. Animal nutritionists work hard to help animals follow the same type of diet they would eat in the wild.

Animal Behaviorist

The environment surrounding an animal and the stimuli that animal experience plays a key role in how the animal acts. Animal behaviorists are professionals who find ways to explain the behaviors of animals both in the wild and those kept in captivity. They might work on an on-call basis with a zoo and come in when zookeepers and other workers have problems with animals, or they might work with facilities on a case by case basis as those facilities bring in new animals. Behaviorists compare the way animals act in the wild with their current actions and find ways to help those animals adjust to their new lives.

Animal Trainer

If you love working with animals, you might consider finding a job as an animal trainers. Trainers often specialize and work with a specific type of animal, including bears, wolves or big cats like lions and tigers. They teach animals how to respond to different stimuli and commands. While many think that trainers only work with larger animals, you can also seek jobs working with dogs, cats and other smaller animals. Seeing eye dog training facilities and organizations that provide other helper animals need trainers to work with those animals and prepare them for helping others.

Zoo Jobs

The types of jobs available in animal and nutritional science also include different positions inside a zoo. According to the American Society of Animal Science, those jobs may include caretakers, veterinary assistants and animal technicians. Animal technicians administer medications and keep an eye on sick animals. Caretakers often work throughout the day and overnight to ensure that the animals are healthy and safe. If you want to work with animals without going to veterinary school, you might consider working as an assistant. You'll work as the veterinarian's right hand helper when feeding, providing medical care and caring for animals.

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Not all jobs working with animals require an advanced college degree. You might find work at a zoo, a veterinarian's office or a wild animal sanctuary with an undergraduate degree. Check the qualifications and requirements for each of the jobs available in animal and nutritional science to determine the level of education and experience required before applying.

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