5 Careers for a Health Education and Promotion Doctoral Graduate

Health Education and Promotion Careers for Ph.D. Graduates

  • Educator
  • Consultant
  • Administrator
  • Director For Nonprofit Healthcare Organizations
  • Public Policy Advocate

Health education and promotion doctoral graduates are entering the workforce in unprecedented numbers, but what are some careers that they are best suited for? From advocating for a fix to the healthcare system to working at the local level to educate citizens about potential risks, HEP professionals are on the front line of the fight to keep healthcare fair and accessible to everyone, according to The New York Times. Here are five employment opportunities that any HEP doctoral graduate can apply for.

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The first career that comes to mind for Health Education and Promotion doctoral graduates is that of an educator. These professionals work in the classroom, most often at the graduate level, to ensure that students in the field are taught by those who have a terminal degree in the subject. These educators also often teach workshops for governmental and nonprofit organizations, educating them about changes in the healthcare system on a national or international level. Graduates who have specialized in one field or another may also find their expertise is needed by presidential councils, the UN, WHO, and other organizations who also work in the space.


Another career that HEP doctoral graduates can take on is that of consulting various agencies, organizations, and businesses on public healthcare. These professionals use their skills to help focus an institution on one or two primary factors that are influencing their field; these projects can range from short-term to long-term agreements with the organization. Professionals in this field have a lot of flexibility in their work and are in high demand by healthcare organizations due to their ability to come into a project and focus it on their expertise.


The role of administrator, especially in the healthcare field, is an employment opportunity that most Health Education and Promotion graduates are interested in as the field grows. Administrators work in the senior levels of advocacy groups, NGOs, and even government agencies, using their skills to enable an accurate and focused goal to come to fruition. Most professionals who take on this role specialized in administration and leadership at the doctoral level and therefore are well versed in the needs that accompany the role. Employers are often demanding more HEP professionals who have a concentration in management because the field requires candidates understand the importance of the job at hand.

Director For Nonprofit Healthcare Organizations

Directors or regional directors play a large role in nonprofit organizations; that's why HEP doctoral graduates are preferred for these jobs. This is especially important for NGOs who have a stated specialized goal, such as eradicating a disease or educating a population about environmental factors. These directors are often responsible for helping to meet that goal and must use what they know about the field in order to obtain the result the NGO is after. It is an incredibly demanding job, but very satisfying for those who take it seriously.

Public Policy Advocate

Perhaps a career that few people consider is available for Health Education and Promotion doctoral graduates is that of public policy advocate. These professionals use their terminal degree as credibility when advocating on behalf of a particular healthcare policy that would benefit the country. They often work at the local level, but recently have begun advocating on the national and international stage. As public healthcare becomes a larger issue for countries around the world, it is thought that HEP professionals will be the most effective voices in the fight for proper healthcare.

HEP stands as a growing field that will affect healthcare in the years to come. It stands to reason that their inclusion in the workforce will benefit everyone, not just the healthcare sector. Now that we've covered five careers for a health education and promotion doctoral graduate, it's time to start putting in applications.

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