5 Careers Settings for a PhD in Health Education and Promotion

Graduating with a PhD in health education and promotion can lead to a number of careers depending on the direction you wish to take. These careers all consists of some degree of putting your degree to good use.

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Healthcare Facility

One could work in a healthcare facility. Within this job setting there are numerous specific careers, all related to health education and promotion. An individual could educate patients on different medical procedures as well as help to plan and implement programs to promote health education. A position such as this one could also allow for the opportunity to advocate for specific health issues. Pushing to promote healthier choices and lifestyles is what this career focuses on.


A PhD in this field could also lead to a career in a school setting. It could lead to developing different curriculum as well as the opportunity to coordinate programs to allow students to recognize the importance of being educated on arising health issues. At the college level, this career could lead to helping at a university wellness center. One could teach classes, develop programs, or even put together community events as a way to help promote awareness. This could allow students to feel as though they have the chance to be empowered when it comes to their own health choices.

Health Department

A career at a local health department is also a possibility with this degree. This would allow an individual the opportunity to conduct assessments to focus on what a specific community's needs may be, when it comes to education. This would give an opportunity for community outreach in a number of ways. This career could also give one the ability to create and promote any number of programs to give more awareness on educating individuals on health.

Corporate America

A health education and promotion career could find focus as part of any worksite health program as well. This career path would allow an individual to help with health related counseling as well as develop and implement programs within the workspace. Health screenings and health risk assessments could also be done as a benefit to employees. This gives employees the opportunity to learn how to do specific things to keep themselves healthy in a number of ways. The individual could also make referrals and provide educational programs to those who many need it. Many workplaces also offer incentives to those who participate in these types of health programs.

Non-Profit Agencies

A PhD in health education and promotion could focus on studies and maintaining new information as it becomes available to allow those within a specific area to be educated and helped in the best way possible. Those within this career field could find themselves writing grants and proposals as a way to get funding for all they do. This could be in the form of a study, programs, community outreach, or even just educational classes. These grants and fundraisers can play a rather large role in giving those in this field the opportunity to help truly make a difference.

The main goals of someone with a career in health education and promotion are to promote and teach health. Also, to give people within any certain setting all the knowledgeable tools to allow them to make the best choices when it comes to their own health.

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