5 Careers to Prepare You for Entry Into a Master’s in Health Policy Program

Careers That Make Entry into a Master's in Health Policy Program a Breeze

  • Business
  • Environmental Health
  • Public Health
  • Nutrition
  • Emergency Management Services

What careers lend themselves well to helping you gain entry into a Master's in Health Policy Program? With discussions in Congress about a bipartisan fix to Obamacare and a need for more qualified professionals in the field, it's a question that compassionate professionals are asking about. Read on to learn how your business experience or your Master's in Nutrition can be highlighted on your health care policy degree application to the graduate school of your choice.

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Believe it or not, a career in business can actually help you with the admissions process to a great graduate program in health care policy. If you have a minor or a specialization in hard or health sciences and have utilized that in your career, you will find that many graduate programs will welcome you with open arms. That's because health care policy does require business-minded professionals, especially those who understand compliance, regulations, administration, and the law. A professional like yourself who has previously worked in business can complete this degree and can work for public health panels, government agencies, and organizations, all of which have need of this very particular field of specialization.


A unique career that may help you with entering into a health care policy graduate program is law. If you're a lawyer or a paralegal who focuses on health and medicine in your work, you will find that the core curriculum requirements for this degree will come naturally to you. That's because you will already have a background in how health care legislation and regulation works, a working understanding of all of the aspects that make up the health care system in this country and will have worked with real clients that have problems that need to be addressed.

Public Health

If you're already working in public health, either as an analyst or in another entry-level position, health care policy is a natural step up for you. This is the umbrella field in which health care policy finds itself under, especially when it comes to government agencies. Your work in this field, regardless of its nature, makes you a prime candidate for graduate programs because you already have the knowledge and experience necessary to become a leader in healthcare policy. You may even find that your current employer will help with the costs associated with getting your graduate degree; if you work for the government, special grants and reimbursement programs may also apply.


Did you know that if you have a Master's in Nutrition that you are a great candidate for a graduate degree in health care policy? It is an excellent career to help you in your goal of entering into graduate school for another degree. Since nutrition plays a critical role in public health, both at home and abroad, your work in this field is an advantage for the health care policy field. From analyzing nutritional deficiencies in at-risk populations to understanding the necessity of required nutrients in foods grown around the world, your work in this important field will help you understand health care policies that implement resources to address the need for better nutrition around the country.

Emergency Management Services

One of the best careers that will help you with your goal of being admitted into a healthcare policy program is one in emergency management services. This field is a great choice for your work in health care policy because it prepares you for large-scale health disaster relief. If you're already in this career, you'll also know that emergency management is key to most health policies, especially as more natural disasters occur, leading to more health concerns. If you work in emergency management services in the fields of immunology, epidemiology, or another public health specialization, you are especially qualified for a graduate degree in health care policy and will most likely be accepted by the school of your choice.

The careers listed above are by no means the only ones that can serve you in your goal of completing a health care policy degree. You will find that as long as you have some previous work experience in the healthcare field, you will most likely be a great candidate for any school. Now that you've read about five careers that can prepare you for entry into a Master's in Health Policy Program, it's time to see if your current career experience will be an advantage in the admissions process.

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