5 Careers to Prepare you for Entry into a Master’s of Public Health Program

The field of public health is a rapidly expanding one, particularly after the introduction of the Affordable Care Act by President Obama in 2010. While many masters' candidates in public health are opting for the administrative path, there are a variety of career options that can prepare a candidate for a master's degree in public health. Here, we will discuss five careers that can prepare interested candidates for a Master's degree in public health.

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Environmental Science

Environmental health is one area of focus in public health. Many candidates hold degrees in environmental science, and an excellent way to prepare for this credential is to study environmental hazards and problems that create health problems, locally, regionally, and globally. A career in environmental science prior to completing a master's in public health will equip the candidate with solid researching techniques and solutions development to environmental health problems, particularly if the baccalaureate was completed with a minor in biotechnology, biostatistics or neuroscience – among others.

Emergency Management Services

This field will prepare candidates in public health for large-scale health disasters, such as epidemics of certain diseases or disease-related aftermaths of natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina, which came with outbreaks of West Nile and food and water poisoning, or the Baton Rouge Flood. Working in emergency relief services, especially in fields that focus on immunology, epidemiology, and natural disaster relief can serve as excellent preparation for a public health degree, whether paid or volunteer-based.


A career or degree in education, particularly for those who specialized in a hard science such as biology, biotechnology, epidemiology or chemistry, is yet another path to the master's in public health. Education presents a set of broadly applicable skills, and education majors or career educators may find themselves assisting to design and implement training programs, public information seminars or campaigns, or teaching seminars on their main area of expertise as it relates to public health. Health educators will also find a smooth transition and excellent preparation for a Master's degree in public health.


For business majors, administrators, or entrepreneurs that have a focus in hard or health sciences, a degree in business can be extraordinarily useful in the area of public health administration. In the west, business skills can translate well into working on budgeting and taxation fcr public health programs, as well as working with insurance companies to ensure compliance and service to the general public. The administrative and accounting skills that business degree holders learn during their career can make them excellent future candidates for public health panels, bureaus, or organizations that have need of those specific skills, and thus make very good candidates for this degree.


Nutritionists and nutrition majors will find themselves well placed for a Master's in Public Health, particularly in the field of global public health. Nutrition plays an integral role in the health of individuals, communities, and whole nations; a degree in this field can assist in the analysis health problems that arise from nutritional deficiencies or food scarcities, and in implementing programs and resources to address these issues directly.

While this is just a sampling of programs and careers that can prepare a candidate for a Master's in Public Health, each one parlays very well into this much in-demand degree. If you are a careerist in any of these fields with an interest in public health, you will likely find yourself very well prepared for this essential and rewarding field of study.

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