5 Key Courses in an MBA in Healthcare Management

Key MBA in Healthcare Management Courses

  • Human Behavior in Organizations
  • Social and Organizational Issues in Healthcare
  • Business Law
  • Healthcare Informatics
  • Business Mathematics and Statistics

In today's MBA in Healthcare Management, the courses students take will prepare them for a secure and very valuable future in the healthcare industry. For those seriously considering this educational and vocational path, it can be incredibly helpful to understand what type of coursework will be encountered. Here is a small sample of the kinds of coursework one can expect when studying for this valuable major.

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1. Human Behavior in Organizations

Human behavior is a major element to organizational operation, direction, and more. To operate within or even lead a business endeavor without a good handle on this element is simply blind navigation. This course is designed to delve into the psychological elements and influences that affect organizations every day. Not only will students learn to understand such factors but they will also learn to gain mastery over them in many critical situations and environs.

2. Social and Organizational Issues in Healthcare

The healthcare world is full of social issues and other challenges, just as any other profession is in its own unique way. The ramifications in healthcare, though, tend to be greater as moral, religious, and ethical opinions often intersect precisely at patients and their treating medical professionals. This course is meant to bring to light the various challenges and social issues encountered in healthcare, from the patient's bedside to the upper administrative practices in place.

3. Business Law

Business law is yet another important aspect of business and healthcare operations alike. The business law coursework encountered by students on this degree path is meant to provide a thorough understanding of the law's outlines specifically on medical practice and the business side of that type of practice. Being knowledgeable here assures the future management professional is aware of all laws within which they must operate every day. One critical error in legal understandings can truly cause a healthcare provider to shutdown and even owe others compensation.

4. Healthcare Informatics

Healthcare informatics is essentially the adaptation of healthcare information to the IT and digital worlds. While years ago this topic was non-existent in the healthcare world, today, it is a major component. The healthcare informatics coursework encountered by students along this educational path is designed to provide a solid understanding of how IT is used to track patients, maintain records, schedule daily activities, and more.

5. Business Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics is often an important factor in the management of healthcare as well as general practice therein. Business mathematics and statistics is a course most students will take in this degree program which highlights that very importance. Functions, linear algebra, statistics and differential calculus take center stage here. Additionally, students here will exercise problem-solving and quantitative skills which can be quite important later.

The healthcare world continues to grow as we march into the future, and according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, management professionals able to work therein will be greatly needed. To become a management professional here though, one must first prove their merit through sufficient education. These above-mentioned courses are some of those one can expect while seeking that education – the all-respectable and very much in-demand MBA in Healthcare Management.

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