5 Master’s Degree Options in Healthcare Management

Due to an aging population, the country's need for healthcare continues to grow. If you're interested in the administrative aspects of the field, then consider a career in healthcare management. To work in the administrative sector of the industry, you can earn your Master's degree in different areas.

Public Health

If you decide to enter the healthcare management field by getting your Master's degree in Public Health, then plan to take courses that cover global health problems and foundations in public health. Online classes are available for this educational area as are on campus courses. While earning your degree, you'll learn managing techniques that will help you determine how facilities should handle uninsured patients, medical mistakes and patient safety. The program is designed to teach you how to oversee the administrative elements of healthcare and give you the needed skills to make a facility or clinic more efficient.

Health Administration

A Master's degree in health administration provides the educational background required for a career in healthcare management. While enrolled in the program, you'll develop your leadership skills, which will give you the ability to examine and assess a healthcare facility's issues to enact solutions. By earning a Master's degree in Health Administration, you'll learn how to predict future challenges and the best ways to implement change. Plan to take classes in finance, research and technology as well as economics and quality improvement. This is a customizable master's degree, so you can specialize in education, gerontology and informatics.

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The healthcare field needs administrators with business skills. Because of this, you can earn a Master's degree in Business Administration that includes a concentration in healthcare management. With the advanced degree, you'll be ready for a leadership position. You'll also gain an understanding of the healthcare industry's complexities. The Master's program will help you develop the management skills needed to function effectively in a changing business environment. The program is also designed for those who intend to advance their business careers. Courses include current research involving managerial skills along with business-based curriculum.


While committing to earning your Master's degree in Nursing is a challenging endeavor, the effort will surely be worthwhile since you'll have the educational preparedness to move into a healthcare management position. Not only will the program ready you to provide high quality care, but it will also prime you for the administrative elements that management requires. The degree is one that you can pair with other specialties, so you can earn your Master's in both Nursing and Business Administration. When you acquire your Master's degree in nursing, you'll learn about the policy and finance side of the healthcare industry. This will qualify you for advanced positions and a higher paycheck.

Public Administration

If want to work as a healthcare manager, then consider earning your Master's degree in Public Administration. Healthcare managers often oversee a particular department. They also direct entire healthcare facilities. In the management division, you'll be responsible for large budgets, hundreds of employees and the day-to-day operations of a hospital or clinic. By focusing your education on the public sector, you'll be qualified to work for the government or a private business. While earning your degree, you'll develop an understanding of the healthcare industry's policies as well as the many ethical dilemmas that those in the field face.

Because the healthcare field is a rapidly changing one, it needs people who can implement these changes in the best possible way. As a healthcare manager, you'll be in a position to make major contributions to the industry, which will have the added benefit of improving your community's health. When you work in healthcare management, you'll have a career that's personally and financially rewarding.

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