5 Specialist Careers in Health Education and Promotion

Healthcare education and promotion represents a large and ever-expanding field of medical and educational professionals, whose tireless work is aimed at informing the public about a wide range of growing healthcare and wellness concerns through educational initiatives. The goal of the profession is to maintain optimal public awareness of ongoing issues and rising current threats, so that people may better be prepared when making decisions about their own medical care and lifestyles. To this end, there are many specialized roles within this discipline. These specializations exist for one of two purposes: to focus on a particular healthcare issue or to reach the general public (or particular, at-risk demographics) in specific ways.

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Certified Education Specialist

The certified educational specialist, or CHES, works to help patients improve their overall well-being and quality of life through healthcare-related educational programs. While their work is just as focused on the community at large as that of other specialists, the healthcare educational specialist tends to focus more on interactions with individual people in traditional clinical settings — making the world a better place, one person at a time.

Healthcare Information Analyst

The information analyst works with healthcare providers in an effort to foster broadly-focused educational campaigns. Their work is essential to identifying existing, widespread problems in clinical healthcare settings, as well as in pinpointing current shortcomings in existing public awareness initaitives. While they may participate actively in actual outreach programs, their role is primarily in the gathering and analysis of relevant information. To that end, they may design surveys, questionaires and interviews, as well as software intended to gather relevant data over time.

Community Promotion Specialist

This specialization, within the overall field of healthcare and public awareness, focuses primarily on overall community awareness. Their community may be a large organization, a government body, a metropolitan area, or some other broad demographic; typically, it encompasses thousands of otherwise varied and diverse individuals (unless their focus is on a particular racial, ethnic, or other narrowly-defined demographic). The goal of the CHPS position is to gather and analyze healthcare-related information, report on their findings, and design campaigns to help the most important information reach their community at large.

Product Development Specialist

The corporate world offers increasing opportunities for healthcare educational and promotional professionals. One of the most expansive career opportunities available to people with this qualification is that of the product development specialist. This includes a broad range of responsibilities, but what it amounts to in a nutshell is a two-pronged approach to public wellness: the specialist assists in the design process, minimizing potential health risks, and is also responsible for developing materials relating to the proper use of a product or service.

Healthcare Promotional Specialists

A promotional specialist is something of a general practitioner within this profession's range of careers, in terms of how they interact — and who they interact with. Some might work with large organizations or other communities, while others might take a patient-by-patient approach. Where they tend to focus is on particular areas of concern. There are HPS professionals who focus on a wide range of growing concerns today, from the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, to infectious viral organisms, to dental problems in children within a particular county or state.

By filling the various specialization roles encompassed by this advanced degree program, qualified professionals within the field of health promotion are better able to increase public awareness about specific medical and healthcare concerns. This allows for important issues to be confronted as they arise, instead of delegating full responsibility for informing the public to a single umbrella profession.

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