5 Topics for a Master’s in Health Informatics Capstone Project

5 Master's in Health Informatics Capstone Project Ideas

  • Bioinformatics
  • Public Health Informatics
  • Medical Informatics
  • Consumer Health Informatics
  • Ethics in Informatics

Health Informatics is the field of study that bridges the arena of healthcare with online and technological data and information. It concerns the storage, organization, analysis, and application of healthcare information. It is a great field of study and future career for those interested in the behind-the-scenes operations of the healthcare field. Here are five topics to consider for a Master's in Health Informatics capstone project.

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Bioinformatics involves the digital collection, storage, analysis, and reporting of biological data. In short, biological data refers to DNA, or genetic codes. A project in bioinformatics might center on a digital comparison of genetic coding among various human populations (such as different ethnic backgrounds) or various genetic conditions and traits. To gain background and inspiration, Bioinformatics.Org is an excellent source for current bioinformatics studies.

2. Public Health Informatics

Public health informatics is the study and practice of utilizing information technology to identify, describe, treat and prevent physical and mental health issues that affect entire communities. Conversely, it also involves the use of information technology to develop, implement, promote, and measure the success of community wide physical and mental wellness initiatives. A project in this area might include choosing a public health issue or initiative and using informatics to measure its impact on a certain population.

3. Medical Informatics

Medical informatics refers to the role of information technology in the daily operations of medical institutions, such as hospitals, medical offices, and clinics. This is a fitting area of specialization for those interested in both medical practices and technology. A project in this area might include an investigation of the benefits versus complications of using informatics in the medical setting as compared to previous medical data procedures. The American Medical Informatics Association offers a great deal of information about this subfield.

4. Consumer Health Informatics

Consumer health informatics is the right subfield for people people. This area of informatics involves the consumer's experience of being asked to utilize health informatics, as well as assessing and improving consumer understanding of their health and healthcare services. A topic of study for this subfield might include a series of interviews of consumers who have recently visited healthcare professionals. One might ask questions about their level of understanding of their diagnoses and treatments or their thoughts on their experiences of providing required personal health information.

5. Ethics in Informatics

Given that health informatics involves handling sensitive and confidential information digitally, there are certain ethical standards that must be enforced to maintain privacy and confidentiality. Those interested in digital security and law would be particularly well suited for completing a project in this area. One might test out the security of a certain informatics system, challenge a certain ethical standard, or describe an ethical standard that might be missing and needed in a certain informatics system.

The world becomes more digital every day, and healthcare will always be one of the most important aspects of any community. Health informatics is therefore a relevant, growing, and dynamic field of study. These five topics for a Master's in Health Informatics capstone project offer inspiration for students deciding how they want to contribute to the field.

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