5 Topics for an MBA in Healthcare Management Capstone Project

Five Capstone Project Ideas for Healthcare Management MBA Students

  • Methods of Increasing Preventative Care Measures
  • Relationship Between Patient Care and Ability to Pay
  • Medical Talent Acquisition and Retention
  • Safety and Privacy Regulation Compliance
  • Benefits and Problems with Hospital Ratings

Topics for an MBA in healthcare management capstone project showcase a student's ability to contribute to the field on a professional level. These projects are generally the final part of an MBA program, so students should have a solid understanding of how business concepts are applied to the healthcare field. Some project ideas include the following.

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1. Methods of Increasing Preventative Care Measures

Final projects of healthcare management MBA programs often examine an existing problem in the industry and suggest possible solutions based on the data. A lack of access to preventative care affects an entire community and costs healthcare systems an exorbitant amount of money. Emergency departments frequently see heart attacks, strokes, and other catastrophic events that could have been prevented with affordable medication and monitoring. Hospitals often absorb the cost of necessary surgeries and extended hospital stays for these patients without insurance or with minimal coverage. This project evaluates different plans for solving this problem.

2. Relationship Between Patient Care and Ability to Pay

There have been cases in the past in which patients are turned away or given sub-par care due to their lack of resources or insurance. For this project, management students can do research to determine how often this happens in hospitals and emergency rooms. With this data, they can also determine whether these actions violated any laws in a particular area and do an analysis on related policies in different healthcare systems.

3. Medical Talent Acquisition and Retention

Adding a nationally-renowned physician will bring in more patients and increase revenue, but it can be just as important to keep current staff members. As Forbes reports, employee retention is a top concern in many industries, healthcare included, because this eliminates costs of finding new employees and improves an organization's reputation. This project idea explores the reasons professionals often leave positions as well as what would motivate them to stay. Based on this data, students can suggest methods of improving company culture and employee benefits.

4. Safety and Privacy Regulation Compliance

Within this topic, MBA students can demonstrate their knowledge in a few different aspects of healthcare management including risk management, process planning, and legal issues. From malpractice lawsuits to HIPAA violations, healthcare systems are vulnerable to a variety of financial risks. Plus, in this field, any error could lead to very serious consequences for patients. After studying current healthcare regulations, MBA students can design their own policies for compliance or analyze existing procedures.

5. Benefits and Problems with Hospital Ratings

Managing the image of a healthcare facility involves a knowledge of the popular standardized rating systems including that by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. For this project, students can evaluate the different rated data points used by a particular organization to determine the objectivity of the results. Another angle is to discuss the effects of outcomes-based ratings including physicians choosing to only accept cases with minimal risk.

Business-minded individuals with a passion for healthcare but not for the technical aspects of medicine can often find fulfillment in the administrative and management aspects of the field. The final capstone project for an MBA in healthcare management program helps these individuals demonstrate their passion and expertise in a select area of healthcare.

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