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Healthcare Jobs are Booming

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The editors at Top Masters in Healthcare Degrees decided to research the topic of

Healthcare Jobs are Booming

As the 71 million Baby Boomers continue to retire, job growth in the healthcare industry is affected in 2 ways:
- 1. The enormous aging generation will need more assistance and care.
- 2. The 24.3% of hospital jobs left open from retiring baby boomers need to be filled.

Top 7 Healthcare jobs needed to be filled by 2020 (based on expected job growth %)

1. Physical therapists:

- median pay: $76,310
- education requirement: doctoral or professional degree
- job growth 2010-2020: 39%
- expected employment 2020: 276,000
- Reason for growth: Boomers are staying active later in life than previous generations.

2. Physician assistants PAs:

- median pay: $86,410
- education requirement: master's degree
- job growth 2010-2020: 30%
- expected employment 2020: 108,300
- Reason for growth: Simply matching the demand of those who work directly with an increasing number of patients.

3. Registered Nurses

- median pay: $64,690
- education requirement: associates degree
- job growth 2010-2020: 26%
- employment by 2020: 3,449,300
- Reason for growth: As Boomers age there is a growing need for out-patient care in homes and care facilities.

4. Pharmacists

- median pay: $111,570
- education: doctoral or professional degree
- job growth 2010-2020: 25%
- employment by 2020: 344,600
- Reason for growth: More seniors mean more people taking multiple medications, and more pharmacists are needed to provide medicine and counsel on medicinal safety.

5. Medical record technicians

- median pay: $32,350
- education: postsecondary non-degree award
- job growth 2010-2020: 21%
- expected employment 2020: 217,300
- Reason for growth: Hospitals are upgrading from paper charts to electronic records.

6. dietitian/nutritionist

- median pay: $53,250/year
- Education: Bachelor's degree
- Job growth 2010-2020: 20%
- Employment by 2020: 77,100
- Reason for growth: heart disease and high blood pressure are more prevalent in baby boomers than in previous generations.

7. Laboratory Technologists

- median pay: $46,680
- education:(usually require) bachelor's degree in medical or life sciences
- job growth 2010-2020: 13%
- employment by 2020: 373,500
- Reason for growth: The volume of laboratory tests continues to increase with both population growth and advancements in development of tests.

Baby boomers, those born in post WWII 1946 to 1942 represent america's largest population to people, the oldest of which are turning 65 and entering old age. The healthcare system is preparing to deal with their medical needs by beefing up staff and furthering diagnostic technology available. Thousands of jobs are being opened up every year in the medical field because of the coming need for care. "roughly 71 million baby boomers who turn 65 in the coming years have two more decades ahead of them."

"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults aged 40 to 59 -- aka baby boomers -- have the highest prevalence of obesity."

"boomers have a higher prevalence of alcoholism and psychiatric problems [source: Soldo et al]."

Who are the baby boomers?: January 1st, 2011 the very first Baby Boomers turned 65

- The most common Baby Boomer names are James and Mary.
- There are over 9.8 million Baby Boomers in California, the largest grouping in any one state.

Born post WWII between 1946 and 1964 approximately 79 million babies born in these years. Authors William Strauss and Neil Howe, define the cohorts born from 1943 to 1960, who were too young to have any personal memory of World War II, but old enough to remember the postwar American High.

Boomer cohort 1: '46-'55- individualistic and experimentational

- Extreme social change
- assassination of JFK and MLK. They saw the first man on the moon as children and risked being drafted into the Vietnam War.
- Social and political experimentation from drugs, protesting, women's and civil rights, and sexual freedom, virtually changing the entire social fabric of America.

Boomer cohort 2: '56-'64 "Generation Jones"

- More political unrest,
- Watergate, the cold war, gasoline shortage, and inflation leading them to a more cynical mindset and general distrust of government; think Dale Gribble.
- Health concerns for baby boomers
- Widespread obesity- more than double their parents at the same age
- Memory loss and dementia
- Arthritis
- High blood pressure
- Heart disease
- Osteoporosis
- Diabetes
- Chronic conditions- 700% more likely than previous

Baby boomers were the first weekend warriors and heres what they've got to show for it:

- shoulder/elbow injuries: squash, tennis, badminton, lifting weights wrong
- back: common injury for oldies still thinking they've got a killer swing
- knee/ ankle: running, jogging, general elderly shenanigans